receive commissions from companies for the listings featured on the site. This affects the arrangement and order in which such listings display on this website. Advertising Disclosure

Privacy Policy

Top10s is dedicated to upholding our users’ right to privacy. As a result, we created and continuously maintain a privacy compliance structure that will allow our users to access information and exercise their rights about their information and privacy.

Privacy Statement: Summary

Our privacy policy is intended to educate you on the data we gather, how we use it, and your choices regarding specific data uses. For your convenience, a summary of our comprehensive privacy policy’s main points is provided below. Please see our California privacy notice if you are a resident of California.

All customers who use Our Services are subject to Our privacy policy. The purpose of this summary is to give you the highlights in clear terms. However, the whole version of our privacy statement is the one that has legal force.

Information We Collect and How We Use It: When you use Our Services, we learn a lot about how you use them, how you interact with the content, where you came from and where you’re going, as well as some technical details about the device and system you’re using to access the services. The phone number from which the call was placed may be kept for a brief period of up to 3 months after you choose to use a “click to call” service we may provide.

The data is used to maintain the functionality of our website and mobile application, deliver our services to you, continually enhance them, track analytics and statistical data, and enable us to sync and work with our business partners to resolve payment-related issues (including clients, vendors, and affiliates).

Unless required by law or as necessary to deliver Our Services to you, we won’t divulge your information.

We sincerely invite you to read, comprehend, and periodically review our complete privacy statement.

Last Revision to Privacy Statement: December 16, 2021

This privacy statement (“Privacy Statement”) is intended to outline Top10s’s (“NI”, “we”, “our” or “us”) data collection practises with respect to the website (along with all related subdomains, features, and services, the “Site”) or any mobile website that is a part of the Top10s Network of websites (the “App”), as well as with respect to your use or engagement with any feature, content, offer, element, or service we make available. We believe the section and sub-part titles below make it easier to navigate this privacy policy and are solely intended for reading convenience (and not for interpreting purposes).

We reserve the right to modify this privacy statement at any moment, at our sole discretion. In that event, we will update the Privacy Policy on the website and mobile application, and the “Last Updated” statement at the bottom will show the updated version’s effective date. Following that date, you are deemed to have agreed to the updated Privacy Policy if you visit or use the Site or download, access, and/or use the App. If we make important changes, we’ll make sure to notify you more visibly, including by publishing a notice on the website and mobile application, seven (7) days before the changes take effect. In that situation, the modifications would take effect seven (7) days following the publication of the notification.

This Privacy Statement contains:

  • Clauses of Use
  • Reasons for collecting information Sharing Your Information with Third Parties Our Legal Bases for Processing Information We Process Consent, Choice, and Modifications
  • Interaction with and Links to Third-Party Properties
  • Options and Exercise Your Rights
  • Information Protection
  • Commitment to Children’s Privacy for Non-US Users
  • Message Us

Conditions of Use.

Terms of Use for Our Services are fully incorporated by reference into this Privacy Policy. the “Terms.” The definition of any capitalised terms used in this Privacy Policy that are not defined by us is found in the Terms.

Our Legitimate Grounds for Processing

Data protection rules are followed in the processing and use of Personal Information. Usually, one or more of the following will serve as our legal justification for processing your personal information:

Performance of a Contract, Section 2.1 You request that we supply you with Our Services in accordance with our Terms of Use by accessing or using Our Services. We must process some of your Personal Information in order to achieve that (such as your IP address).

Legitimate Interests, section 2. When we have sound commercial reasons to do so, we may utilise some of your personal information. We use this Personal Information to run, enhance, and advertise Our Services (such as when we cater to your preferences or for analytics purposes) as well as to safeguard our business (such as by preventing fraud or guaranteeing the security of Our Services).

Legal Obligations 2.3. It may occasionally be essential for us to use your personal information to adhere to legal or regulatory responsibilities (such as when responding to user or authority complaints);

2.4. Permission. in some situations. To process and utilise your Personal Information so we may offer you more services, we will enquire about your permission (for example, when you subscribe to our newsletters, create your user profile, provide us Personal Information to get tailored offers or add a review on a service or product). when we use consent as the legal justification for processing By clicking here, you can request to have your consent revoked. We will be in touch with you after we have confirmed your request.

Data That We Process.

We may gather certain information regarding your visit and use of Our Services in one or more of the following methods when you use or access them:

Information You Provide to Us, Section 3. In order to access some of Our Services, you may be asked to supply or submit certain Personal Information. Create a user profile, add a review to one of the services or products that appear on Our Services, subscribe to newsletters that may occasionally be made available in certain Sites or Apps, and fill out promotional forms are just a few of the features and/or services that require you to provide Personal Information. Other features and/or services will only be available to you if you explicitly agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, which are outlined below.

A person’s first and surname name, email address, phone number, home or other physical address, and other contact information are examples of personal information that can be used to identify a person, either alone or in combination with other information, for the purposes of this privacy policy. The IP address that your Internet service provider assigns to your device may also be regarded in some jurisdictions and given the precise uses we make of the information as personal information. In that scenario, we will treat the data as personal in all handling and security considerations, but we won’t use it in any way to help you identify yourself.

Third-Party Documents and Services 3.1.1 Our Services list, evaluate, and contrast different commercial entities, brands, and companies from the third party market (collectively, “Partners”) and their respective goods and/or services (collectively, “Products”). Occasionally, with your permission, we may send you offers, services, and Products from Partners via an online form that you must complete. This information will be used to help you connect with and/or engage with the appropriate Partner (“Lead”). A landing page or online form that is owned and operated by the Partner may be reached if you click the appropriate Partner icon or tab and you also want to learn more about that Partner or a Product, or if you want to pursue a transaction with that Partner in any other way (the “Landing Page”). You may also find the Landing Page through other websites and online searches. However, in either scenario, you can be asked to provide specific data on the landing page, such as Personal Information like your name, email address, and phone number (such information collectively, “Landing Page Info”). The Partner who provided the Landing Page Info will directly collect it from you and will include information about its own privacy rules and data collecting methods. To better understand the motivation for the gathering and use of the Personal Information you provide, we suggest you to consult such privacy policies.

3.1.2. Get in Touch. You might be required to give us certain Personal Information, like your name and email address, if you contact us through a ‘Contact Us’ (or comparable) form that we make available, by sending an email to an email address that we display, by using a feedback or reporting feature that is available on Our Services, or by using another method. Such information, including the content of your approach, will be used for our legitimate business needs, as further detailed in sections 4 and 5 of this Privacy Policy, as well as for processing and responding to your request.

3.1.3. Promotions, surveys, newsletters, and blogs. A blog forum, reviews, and articles exhibiting details about Our Services, Partners, Products, and the pertinent market vertical may be included in Our Services. Additionally, our services might give you the chance to sign up for newsletters, take part in surveys, and engage in other marketing initiatives (some of which may be administered by us, and some of which may be administered by third party services with which we engage). In each of the aforementioned situations, you could be asked to supply specific Personal Information, like your name and email address, in order to participate in activities like commenting to blog forum posts, signing up for newsletters, or doing surveys. In that instance, the information you submit will also be made available directly to that third party and used for the purposes for which you originally intended it, in accordance with both this privacy statement and that third party’s own privacy statement.

User reviews and profiles are covered in 3.1.4. For some of Our Services, we may provide you the choice to leave feedback on one of our Partners or to build a user profile, requiring you to give us extra information about yourself that will help us deliver you a more individualised experience.

Information You Provide to Us 3.2 We gather the following data regarding how you use our services and how you interact with them, as well as in the following ways:

3.2.1. Device Information: We collect device information such as device type and version, operating system type, language and version, and information that can be extrapolated from a user agent, such as browser type and version, screen resolution, for delivery and compatibility purposes, as well as for language, geographic location, and time zone.

3.2.2. Interactions and Usage: We collect information about your interaction and use of Our Services, such as: URLs from which you were directed to the Site or App and to which you are referred from the Site or App, internal URL’s of the Site or App in which you visited, and your actions with respect to Our Services (such as view, click, or download).

3.2.3. Log Files: In addition to using tracking technologies like pixel tags inside Our Services, we also gather information from server log files. We do this to track user engagement and interaction with Our Services and analyse trends. Internet protocol (IP) addresses that your Internet service provider assigned to your device may be among the types of data collected. We only gather IP for a short period of time and for particular uses. In order to provide Our Services to you in your own language and in a manner that is appropriate to your nation of origin, it is first necessary to have a better understanding of your geographic location (country, area, and language). Second, we identify bogus IP addresses using automated algorithms that examine IP addresses.

3.2.4 Cookie and related technologies We or other service providers may use “cookies” and other anonymous web tracking technologies (such “web beacons” and “pixel tags”) in our services. When you visit a website, a tiny file comprising a string of characters is delivered to your computer as a cookie. The cookie enables the website to recognise your browser when you return. Your online preferences and other data regarding your interactions with Our Services may be stored in cookies. You can adjust your browser to either accept all cookies or to notify you when one is being sent. Nevertheless, without cookies, some Site and App features or services might not work as intended, and in that event, some features might not be available to you. A pixel tag is a form of technology used on websites to track website activity as well as when emails are viewed or accessed (if applicable). It is frequently used in conjunction with cookies to track website activity.

For further details on the kind of cookies we use and how we utilise tracking technology on Our Services, please refer to our Cookie Policy.

Information we obtain from Third Parties (3.3). Our Businesses are run and offered in coordination, sync, and interaction with third parties, including Partners, affiliates, and other third parties, like many Internet-based services are. In order to enable and facilitate such sync, we may obtain data from third parties, such as the summary of your actions taken and the internal user identity that our system produces for each user but is not a unique identifier (click, purchase, view, form submission or a phone call). Depending on your preference, you may be able to use some of Our Services on a click-by-call basis. If so, a third-party vendor or vendors help with the call transmission, tracking, and success feedback. In certain situations, we may use the phone number you phoned from to resolve referrals and successful conversations with our Partners for a brief period of time (without attaching any additional information about you). If you do not give us your express approval, we will not use this information for any other reason.

You are not required by law to give us Personal Information (and you acknowledge that providing us with Personal Information is done freely). You’re not even required to use Our Services at all. You agree to this Privacy Policy and the information practises outlined here by using Our Services and engaging with or interacting with the Site or App. Please refrain from accessing or otherwise utilising Our Services if you do not agree with this Privacy Policy.

You will need to input particular Personal Information in order to use some of Our Services. You can decide whether or not to use such Services in such a situation. Be aware that even though you gave us your personal information, you have the right to revoke your consent at any time (for more information on opting out and revocation, see section 8 below).

How We Make Use of Personal Data.

Along with the other ways this privacy statement describes how we use information we gather, including personal information (collectively “your information”), we additionally utilise personal information in the ways listed below.

to usually offer Our Services to you and to continue to enhance them. For the following purposes, we will use your information: (a) to manage and provide Our Services to you; (b) to develop and generally improve Our Services; (c) to track and count referrals and advertisements; (d) to confirm that users are real people and prevent fraud; (e) to respond to your questions and other communications with us; and (f) to identify or authenticate your access to and use of Our Services.

Disclosure of Your Data to Third Parties

With the exception of the following situations, we do not disclose Personal Information about you to third parties:

6.1. Data Storage and Security Platforms (“Data Platforms”); To store and keep your Information, we use cloud and storage services provided by third parties. It means that for the purpose of storing such information on our behalf or for other processing reasons, we send or otherwise share your Information to/with third party companies that are situated anywhere in the world, including in the U.S. Among these organisations is Amazon Web Services, whose privacy statement is available at Anywhere in the world may have one of these Data Platforms. We make use of data platforms that strictly adhere to all relevant data protection laws and maintain stringent privacy protection and data security standards. Their own privacy policies, however, fully regulate their actions and operations.

Social media platforms, section 6. For marketing and operational reasons, we might share anonymous information with social media networks (such Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.). These social media sites may independently collect your Personal Information and may combine it with Non-Identifiable Information provided by Us. They may also independently collect your Personal Information for which you have separately and independently provided consent. We do not govern, control, or have knowledge of any such action or any personal Information that may result from it. Rather, they are subject to the social media’s own privacy policies. You may reject this data sharing, to the extent permitted by law, in accordance with section 9 below (Privacy Notice for California Residents).

Other Third Parties (6.3). In order to understand how our users use Our Services, run and maintain them, and make them better, we may send or otherwise share your Information with a variety of third parties that assist us in running our business (for instance, customer service representatives and email or phone administration providers). We expect these third parties to make their privacy policies visible whenever their services are rendered. These third parties may have their own privacy policies that they follow. When those third parties provide their services to you directly, we advise you to review these privacy rules again. Additionally, these third parties could have offices (and servers) anywhere in the world.

To separately record a user’s agreement to be contacted, we use the Jornaya script and the TrustedForm script from ActiveProspect. When you interact with the page(s) where the script is present, these tools, which are embedded on some of our website’s pages, log the following information: page URL, mouse movements and clicks, contact information entered by the user, a screenshot of the page, which also includes the user’s computer’s IP address, time on the page, the date and time that the tools script was loaded, as well as the date and time of the various user interactions with the page, and HTTP headers from your browser. Please read the following for further details about ActiveProspect’s data usage and gathering policies and procedures, as well as Jornaya’s.

Privacy Statement for ActiveProspect, available at:

Consumer Privacy Policy for Jornaya, available at:

The enforcement. If we believe that disclosing your Personal Information is helpful or reasonably necessary to: (a) comply with any applicable law, regulation, legal process, or governmental request; (b) enforce our Terms of Use, including investigations of potential violations hereof; (c) detect, prevent, or otherwise address fraud or security issues; and/or (d) protect the rights, property, or safety of NI, our affiliates, or the public, we may share your Personal Information with any third party.

Partners and Products (6.5). If you desire to and are interested in receiving more information about one of our Services, you may choose to submit an online form (“Online Form”). If this is the case, we may send the information you provided on the online form—referred to as the “Corresponding Partner” and “Corresponding Product”—to the Partner about whom (or whose Product) you requested more information or with whom you have expressed interest in pursuing a transaction. The Corresponding Partner will then get in touch with you to provide the information you requested. In either case, you agree that: (a) the Partners may contact you using the information you provided on the online form; (b) we do not control the method or content of any such contact; (c) each Partner is required to provide its own privacy policy, so it would not necessarily adhere to this Privacy Policy; and (d) Partners may be based (and their servers may be located) anywhere in the world.

6.6. Bankruptcy, sale, or merger. We may (and expressly reserve the right to) transfer or assign the Personal Information and other information we have collected or received in the event that NI or one of our connected organisations is purchased by or merges with, a third party entity, or otherwise sells all or part of our/its assets. In this situation, we shall demand that the purchasing organisation disclose its data practises and grant you any applicable legal recourse.

We may also divulge some non-personal information to the kind of third parties listed below and under the situations listed below:

6.7. Third parties that we work with, host, or who offer us services and features that we can offer to you collect information about how visitors use our services and the content and features on our behalf or to provide their services. This occurs when we use, implement, or otherwise grant third parties access to our technology, services, or features for particular purposes as outlined in the Privacy Policy or in the Site or App. We might make use of analytics software like Tableau and Google Analytics. By monitoring page content, click/touch, movement, scrolling, and typing activity, as well as page content, these tools assist us in better understanding how users interact with Our Services.

These tools may use their own cookies to perform their services, and their privacy policies are governed by those rules. Please refer to our Cookie Policy for more details on cookies. For more details about Google cookies, click here. To turn off Google Analytics, go here.

Connections to and engagement with external properties.

The Site and App may contain links to third-party websites, content, and other online assets (such as those of Partners) (collectively, “Third Party Properties”). Although NI and its affiliated entities may have agreements with such third parties under which such data and Personal Information is sent or shared back to/with us, the third party will receive data associated with your clicking through to such Third Party Properties as well as any Personal Information you provide on such Third Party Properties. We disclaim any liability for such third parties’ data gathering practises, along with their properties, products, and related third-party services. We advise you to carefully review the terms and privacy policies of any Third-Party Property before using it or interacting with it.

Opt-out options and choices.

You can decide whether or not to give us your information for the purposes outlined in this privacy statement. You are always free to decide whether or not to exercise your rights with regard to your personal information and the country in where you currently reside. As an illustration (when appropriate and pertinent):

Cookies and tracking technologies, section 8.1. You can configure your browser to reject and/or block any cookies from the Site, App, or third-party services (please see Section 2.1.1 of this document for additional information).

8.2 Review and update your personal information when necessary, or ask for it to be deleted from our servers, as appropriate (for more details please refer to Section 2).

You Have Rights.

9.1 Rights of EU Data Subjects. We manage and treat any Personal Information we collect in accordance with this Privacy Policy in a manner that complies with GDPR.

If you are an EU user, you may:

Get access to the personal data we have about you. To confirm that you are who you say you are, we will require you to give us certain credentials. Please give us the information we need to make the required corrections if you discover that the Personal Information is not accurate, full, or up to date.

If you want to stop allowing us to use your personal information, get in touch with us. The lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal will not be impacted by exercising this right.

Access to your personal information may be requested to be deleted or limited. You can ask to be told that third parties who hold your personal information will treat it in line with this Privacy Policy if you exercise one (or more) of the rights stated above in accordance with the law’s regulations.

If your personal information is being used for direct marketing, you have the right to object to the processing of that information.

possess the right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority for data protection.

Canada. 9.2. If you live in Canada, you have the right to ask us for specific details about the occasions when we disclose Personal Information to third parties for their direct marketing needs. Click here to submit a request of such nature.

9.3 California Residents: Notice Regarding Privacy. The California law may occasionally apply to the way we share data. This section may apply to you if you live in California and it is an addition to the main privacy statement. Residents of California have special rights regarding their personal information under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). If you live in California and as permitted by law, you may:

Ask for Knowledge/Access. You have a right to know what data we have gathered, utilised, or shared over the course of the last twelve months. To exercise this right, please read Sections 3.1 (Information you supply to us), 3.2 (Information we collect), and 3.3 (Information we receive from third parties). If we receive your request for such information and are able to confirm your identity, we will also reveal to you the precise pieces of personal information we have about you.

Request for Removal. Subject to certain exclusions, you have the right to request that we remove any of your personal information that we collect and keep from our databases (such as detecting security incidents, debugging, comply with legal obligations, etc.). Unless an exception occurs, we will remove your personal information from our files once we have confirmed your identification.

To request your personal information not be sold. The California Consumer Protection Act may view part of our use of cookies as the “selling” of personal information, even though we do not currently sell personal information. If you live in California, you may check the box and choose not to have your personal information “sold” to other parties by clicking the “do not sell my personal information”link at the bottom of our homepage. You might still see general audience advertising for Our Services even if you choose not to.

No Discrimination We may have a different rate or provide a different level or quality of service if the difference is reasonably related to the value of the transaction.We will not discriminate against you for exercising your above rights by: (A) denying you goods or services; (B) charging you different rates for goods or services; (C) providing you with a different level or quality of goods or services; or (D) suggesting that you will receive a different price, rate, level or quality of goods or services.

handling requests for privacy. Within forty-five (45) days after receiving a valid customer request, we make an effort to respond. We shall provide you with written notice of the reason and the extension term if exercising your right calls for extra time (up to an additional 45 days). If we are unable to validate your request or if we need to keep your personal information for a specific purpose, we may reject your request (such as detecting security incidents, debugging, comply with legal obligations, etc.).

Our Do Not Track Notice for California. A “Do Not Track” (“DNT”) signal is available in several web browsers. A DNT signal is a field in an HTTP header that expresses a user’s preference not to have their online actions tracked by Our Service or by cross-site user monitoring. At this time, we don’t react to DNT signals. When a user uses Our Services, we could let third parties, like businesses that give us analytics tools, to gather Personal Information about that specific consumer’s online activities over time and across many web sites and services.

Security of information.

To protect the data sent, processed, and stored on the Site or App, our computer servers, and systems, we and the relevant third-party services/affiliate companies adopt data security measures and processes. For instance, we use third-party processing and serving services that implement various information security standards and certifications (at rest and transmission), the Site and App are encrypted using SSL and as with any other information at transport, we periodically review our information and data collection practises to ensure constant monitoring, and we monitor and filter access to data when it comes to employees within our organisation. Since there is no such thing as absolute security when it comes to the global network, such methods and procedures do not ensure security but rather reduce the chance of security breaches. As a result, we are unable to guarantee that our servers and Our Services are secure against information security threats such as unauthorised access to the data they contain.

The privacy of children.

Children under 16 are not intended to be drawn to our Services. We do not plan to gather Personal Information from anyone who we know to be under 16 as a result. If we become aware that we have unlawfully obtained Personal Information from a child under the age of 16, we shall make all commercially reasonable steps to ensure its removal. Please click here if you think we may have such information.

Non-US Users.

We reserve the right to transfer your information, including any personal information, outside of the country where it was collected or where you currently reside (for example, to the United States), including to a country that might not provide the same level of privacy protection as your home country. When your information is exchanged between or among our third-party vendors, however, we make sure to put all contractual precautions in place to guarantee that it is processed in a way that gives a sufficient level of protection.

You expressly consent to the use of your Personal Information in line with this Privacy Policy and the transfer of that information to a foreign country by supplying it to us and by using our services (including e.g., the United States).


Online privacy protection is a practice that is constantly changing, so we make every effort to adapt Our Services in a way that complies with these standards and best practices in all jurisdictions where Our Services are offered.

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